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JEFS Digital Portfolio 

Practicing illustration and graphic design takes one on a journey of continual growth and refinement. There is a lot of experimenting in the early phases of work until something evolves that is more sophisticated and polished.

This portfolio is broken into sections highlighting JEFS creative journey.


  • The early work is self-motivated design practice from quotes or prompts.

  • The next phase is work implementing movement through animation and video.

  • The recent work is applying continual practice to client designs.

JEFS understands there is a balance between the creator's vision and the practical requirements of the client. A passion for design drives JEFS to constantly improve and innovate. The end goal is to deliver beautiful, high-quality visual solutions that tell a story.

Early work

Early work: Designing from prompts

Design prompts are a fun and creative way for designers to challenge themselves and develop new design skills.


Prompts are becoming more mainstream since people are using them to create content with generative AI tools, like Midjourney and ChatGPT.  The concept is the same for human designers. 


A prompt sets constraints, requirements, or objectives to work within to express a more specific creative result.


The following JEFS designs are all inspired by written phrases or famous quotes.

Early work: Carousel showcase

write it down image of quill on paper

Write more

Learning how to write well improves your ability to persuade and communicate ideas

The next phase

The next phase: Animating for impact

Recent work

Recent work: Putting digital design together for clients

**Section under construction. More coming soon**

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