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Up your presentation game

It's the night before your big presentation, and you just spent the last hour trying to reformat the content in your slide deck's footer. You should be focusing on what you are going to say instead of slide formatting, but your boss is a stickler about even the smallest details. 

Does this sound familiar? That is the thing about presentation slides; there are too many options, but never enough time.


When it comes to presentations, JEFS Storytelling Arts understands that all you want to do is focus on what you want to say. We offer professional slide presentation services so our clients don't have to worry whether a presentation looks good.


JEFS works with you to a create a slide deck that tells a visual story to complement the words you share with your audience.

All presentations matter

Whether you are in front of an audience of one person or a thousand, giving a good presentation matters. Presentations have the power to inspire, and they also have the ability to bore and confuse.  

A key element that people can forget when presenting is to tell a story. Both your words and visuals should be purposeful for your audience or your audience will start to lose interest.

JEFS Storytelling Arts understands what makes a good visual presentation through years of corporate storytelling experience. Well-versed in the variety of presentation tools available, JEFS converts client content into presentation stories that show an audience solutions instead of lists of features and benefits.


Let JEFS help you take your audience on a visual journey. 

Opportunities for custom slides 

PowerPoint tips:
Slide number

It is easy to forget the basics like how do I change the slide numbers in PowerPoint.


Here is a short video to help!

PowerPoint tips:
Morph transition

PowerPoint can do some amazing animation.


One of the best ways to add impressive movement to your slide presentation is to leverage Morph from the slide transitions menu.


This video shows an example of how morph can be used to take someone through a work process.

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