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A desk with design materials  including pens, pencils and color templates scattered about.

Professional digital design

Now is a great time for anybody to create amazing digital designs. The number of do-it-yourself tools that are available grows each day. 


The challenge of so many design options is keeping the unique visual identity for your idea, brand, or story cohesive. If your designs need to serve a purpose, how do you know that all the elements are working together to support your story?


Professional graphic design brings a level of creativity, experience and technical skills that are difficult to achieve on one’s own. JEFS Storytelling Arts understands the most critical part of design is delving into the why.

JEFS collaborates with clients to create custom digital designs that reflect the true purpose of a message. JEFS make sure the outcome fits with a client’s brand identity and remains captivating to the audience.

What to ask your digital graphic designer

When you are ready to commit to a professional digital designer, it is important to ask the following questions:

  • What is your process? A professional designer should be able to explain their process and how they will work to create a design from research/iteration to the final delivery.

  • Can I see examples of your previous work? The designer you choose should fit with your aesthetic and demonstrate, through their case studies and testimonials, that they have the skills and experience you need.

  • How do you stay current with design trends and best practices? A professional designer should be keeping up with their craft and be able to demonstrate their commitment to ongoing learning.

  • How do you approach working with clients and incorporating their feedback? A good designer will let you know their approach to client collaboration during the design process. Make sure your communication methods are aligned.

JEFS Storytelling Arts believes in delivering exceptional results and is waiting to answer these questions for you when you are ready.

Where digital design is used

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