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What JEFS Storytelling Arts designs for clients

  • Unique website hero images

  • Custom website graphics

  • On-brand infographics

  • Impactful pitch slide decks

  • Custom PowerPoint slide graphics

  • One-of-a-kind white paper graphics

  • Catalogs with personality

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JEFS Storytelling Arts specializes in synthesizing technical and scientific content into graphic design that stays true to a client's brand while adding custom visual impact to their story.


Custom visual storytelling services

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Website Graphics

Need custom hero images or website graphics to tell your product or brand story?

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Need custom imagery and formatting to better describe a concept, idea or technology?

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Slide Presentations

Don't have time to create a professional presentation that elegantly tells your story?

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Clients include

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text list of clients
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What clients have said

"Julia understands how design plays an important role in a business's brand and brings her storytelling skills to help elevate that brand. She is versatile, clever, seems to just pull the perfect designs together, and she is an overall joy to work with. I highly recommend Julia for any graphic design project you may have."

Stephanie Benzik - Sr. Director of Marketing, GreenStar Marketing 

squares to highlight text talking about importance of custom illlustration