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Bring your story to life 
JEFS has your visual solution.

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Let JEFS Storytelling Arts 

help you synthesize challenging technical content into visual stories that increase engagement and add custom visual impact to your message.


Delightful digital design

The right image will make your copy sing and stop the scroll role. Let us rebrand your stock imagery, create a story collage or help you refresh your new website.

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A well-designed infographic is an excellent solution to help informed decision-making about a concept, product or service. Let us create  a high impact story with your data.

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No matter what platform you use making a great presentation takes time. We relieve you of the tediousness of layout and formatting decisions to make your content tell a cohesive visual story.

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Stunning storyboards

Consider illustration for your next product video. We know how to design for what you want to relay to your audience. 

JEFS Storytelling Arts services 

take your message to the next level using knowledge and expertise. We understand design and technical content to make sure your story is visually captivating and accurate.

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Digital illustration

Need digital design to tell your product or brand story?

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Need custom imagery and formatting to better describe a concept, idea or technology?

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Don't have time to create a professional presentation that elegantly tells your story?

JEFS Storytelling Arts clients

receive high-quality design with responsive, high-touch service. We help clients work through any design challenge with an eye on project management. We love beautiful outcomes.


Akoya Biosciences

JEFS solutions: custom website assets to visually capture scientific case study collaborations

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

JEFS solutions: storytelling designs highlighting Clinical NGS applications for website pages, infographics, flyers and video storyboards

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JEFS solutions: Custom hero images, infographics, in-page graphics telling the story of products and solutions for

a website refresh

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MESH Academy

JEFS solutions: high impact presentations for shareholders, animated card and brochure sharing the importance of collaboration in science

What clients have said

"Julia understands how design plays an important role in a business's brand and brings her storytelling skills to help elevate that brand. She is versatile, clever, seems to just pull the perfect designs together, and she is an overall joy to work with. I highly recommend Julia for any graphic design project you may have."

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Stephanie Benzik - Sr. Director of Marketing, GreenStar Marketing