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Bring ideas to life with storytelling art

JEFS Storytelling Arts fills in the creative gap

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Visuals to simplify the Complex 

By leveraging design principles, storytelling artistry transforms abstract concepts and detailed data sets into visually compelling narratives. Thoughtful use of imagery, typography, color, and layout, creates immersive experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level. Storytelling art guides the viewer through a narrative journey that simplifies and illuminates. 

A colorful wave with a blue sphere, a yellow molecule and a blue DNA helix
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What We Do

Creating for YOU to Make More Impact!

Everyone needs a creative type on their side when it comes to designing for technical topics. A major pain point is making sure content is engaging yet still accurate. That's where JEFS Storytelling Arts comes in. With our digital tool expertise and creative flair, we can help your technical stories come to life in a way that grabs your audience's attention and keeps them engaged. Let's work together to make your project shine.

a man with a telescope looking at a rocket in a window of a multicolor structure.

Creative Plans

With Storytelling,
Great Things Can Happen

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By specializing in bridging the gap between science and storytelling, we can help communicate research in a memorable and engaging way. Receive high-quality content with purposeful business storytelling. We help clients work through any design challenge with an eye on project management. We love beautiful outcomes.

An illustrated woman dressed in blue.

JEFS Storytelling Arts

A Creative-type Working with You

Creatives often bring fresh thoughts and perspective to projects or issues leading to more dynamic and innovative solutions. That's what we want to bring to you, creative flair, design expertise, and narrative clarity. We use our visual expertise to simplify the complex through the power of storytelling boosting your content into new heights. We understand both design and technical content to make sure your story is visually captivating and accurate.

JEFS understands how design plays an important role in a business's brand and brings her storytelling skills to help elevate that brand. 

Stephanie Benzik

Sr. Director of Marketing at GreenStar Marketing

JEFS' illustrations bring stories to life. She expertly depicted the emerging scientific and clinical value of our flagship diagnostic test for our product videos.

Amy Cuneo
SVP of Marketing at Pathnostics - Diagnostics Solutions 

JEFS helped modernize our biotech company’s dated website because of her unique expertise in science, art, and design. She set clear timelines and deliverables, which elegantly evolved based around JEFS astutely crafted illustrations and concepts. 

Jamie Cope
SVP Research & Translational Medicine, 
Synchronicity Pharma, Inc.


What Our Clients Are Saying

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A colorful collage of a molecule, water drop, DNA, sphere and abstract wave

Industry Clients

Trusted by Experts

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A black nameplate with Akoya Biosciences.
A gray nameplate with Synchronicity Pharma, Inc.
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A gray nameplate with NuZee Coffee
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An Approach That Works

Whether communicating with stakeholders, clients, or the general public, a storytelling approach suits the needs and preferences of different demographics.

A storytelling narrative speaks directly to the hearts and minds of the intended audience through presentations, infographics, interactive websites, or multimedia campaigns.

Creative Projects Gallery

Your Creative Partner

Let's work together!

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Stories Inspire & Catalyze Action

Use a storytelling designer to fill the pivotal role of shaping perceptions, driving engagement, and fostering meaningful connections between your businesses and your stakeholders. A professional storyteller understands that a compelling story lies behind every complex idea. Stories have the power to inspire, educate, and catalyze action.

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