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JEFS Loves to Create!

Always experimenting with the latest tools to find new ways to visually communicate and create.

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Educational and Creative Projects

JEFS Storytelling Arts - Making Your Creative Vision

Are you grappling with uncertainty clouding your creative vision? Look no further than JEFS Storytelling Arts to bring clarity and certainty to your imaginative goals. JEFS’ expertise lies in transforming abstract concepts into captivating realities, allowing your vision to rise above ambiguity and materialize into a compelling narrative.

The Approach

At JEFS Storytelling Arts, we specialize in breathing life into creative projects, no matter the scale. Whether it's a small project or a grand vision, JEFS is adept at infusing every project with a unique appeal that will resonate with your audience.

Collaboration at Its Finest

Let's go on a creative journey together! We thrive on collaboration and are committed to co-creating with you. By joining forces, we can turn your aspirations into tangible showpieces that leave a lasting impact.

Showcase of Creativity

Curious to see our visual creativity in action? Explore examples of some of our smaller creative projects, each a testament to our ability to turn ideas into tangible realities. Take a peek at JEFS portfolio and imagine the possibilities that await your own project.

Let's Create Together

If you have a vision that's waiting to be realized, JEFS Storytelling Arts is here to make it a reality. Reach out to JEFS, and together, let's bring life to your creative ambitions. Whether it's a budding concept or a more formed idea, JEFS is here to turn your imaginings into compelling stories that captivate and resonate.

multicolored wolf on a polka dot background

Use your software subscriptions for design practice

Setting time aside to test new software features for design

outline of a human body with a cancerous liver and signals coming from the brain

Scientific design for editorial

Helping a renown circadian biologist share his research

a white cougar raising its left paw on a purple background

Welcome back to school postcard

A colorful, fun way to welcome students back to school

open book with writing on the left page and an infographic of a trophic cascade on the right page

Scientific doodle notes for middle schoolers

Increasing early engagement in science with custom doodle notes

a glass globe with a swirl stylized with mandelbrot and Julia math sets

Prompting generative AI for STEM

See JEFS example of visualizing mathematical sets using generative AI.

colorful infographic comparing the components of two COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccine comparison infographic

Putting scientific information into infographics to educate audiences.

colorful lightbulb composed of six steps of the scientific method

Animating with PowerPoint slides

Creating an animated PowerPoint video about the scientific method

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