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Welcome back to school postcard

A colorful, fun way to welcome students back to school

a white cougar raising its left paw on a purple background

The assignment was a request to create a welcome back to school postcard a middle school science teacher. The teacher gave free reign on the design with a couple of teacher postcard examples and his school’s website url as reference materials.

After doing research checking out the school website and the reference postcards, JEFS STA came up with the following design brief:

Create an inspirational postcard mailer for middle school kids that includes a cougar (school mascot) and uses the colors, purple, white and gray (school colors). Doesn’t need to say “Back to school.”

For this design, JEFS STA started with some reference images generated by the Midjourney AI bot and went on to make a custom design that captured an encouraging cougar giving a high five.

The accompanying video shows the front and back of the final printed version, which was printed for distribution to 250 students. Nothing like a personal message from a teacher to help students understand that they matter.

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