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Building Narratives Through Collaborative Work

Custom visual stories for videos, websites, brochures & user guides; Creative blog writing

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JEFS Portfolio

Creating impactful visual stories is all about understanding connections and it's what we do best at JEFS Storytelling Arts. Our portfolio features some awesome examples of collaborative work with different company and research teams, showcasing our skills in creating stories that educate, uplift, and inform audiences.


Each project in JEFS portfolio is a unique collaboration, demonstrating expertise in seamlessly working with diverse teams to achieve outstanding results. By combining creativity and know-how with our partners' strengths, we consistently produce captivating visual stories that connect with audiences and make a real impact.


A dedication to teamwork shines through in the wide range of projects in JEFS portfolio, from educational initiatives to brand specific campaigns. Partnering with various company teams has allowed JEFS to tailor storytelling approaches to meet unique needs, creating stories that effectively communicate and resonate with target audiences.


Check out JEFS portfolio to see the impact of collaborative storytelling and the amazing outcomes it can achieve. Reach out to JEFS Storytelling Arts if you are interested in creating visual stories that educate, uplift, and inform.

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