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User Guide Design for Biotechnology

Akoya Biosciences

2023 - 2024

The technical writing team at Akoya Biosciences faced a specific need for a designer with a keen eye for detail to assist in updating their extensive 100-page product user guides. This is where JEFS STA stepped in, ready and eager to provide a comprehensive solution.

The significance of precise technical user guides cannot be overstated, particularly as the incorrect guidance on instrument or software operation could lead to the loss of valuable samples or compromised experimental outcomes for scientists and operators. As a result, the design of these technical guides must prioritize consistency and informativeness to ensure seamless user experiences.

One of the primary challenges in user guide design projects lies in the diverse range of teams involved, each requiring the ability to provide feedback. Moreover, not all stakeholders may have direct access to design software. A designer needs to have knowledge of conversion requirements between various software platforms. Consequently, clear communication becomes a critical factor in meeting launch deadlines for such projects.

JEFS STA takes on the responsibility of ensuring that Akoya Biosciences' user guides maintain not only design consistency in line with brand guidelines but also coherence across all guides. This approach ensures that users have reliable visual touchpoints throughout their experience, enhancing the overall usability of the product.


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