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a blue-toned blastocyst with overlaid with repeating AGCT text

Illustrations for Reproductive Health Explainer Video

Thermo Fisher Scientific


As a follow-up from a custom hero image design JEFS STA previously created, which depicted the journey from fertilization to embryonic testing, the Reproductive Health team asked JEFS STA to use this hero image as the design reference for 2-D illustrations in a Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) workflow explainer video.

For this team project, JEFS STA used the branded colors and styling from the hero image to create unique storyboard illustrations for nine video scenes. The illustrations included figures, procedural pathways and instruments that take a potential customer through a use case journey for a combined genetic testing protocol.

As a part of the creation team, JEFS STA made sure the illustrations fulfilled the intent of the marketing script through multiple iteration rounds. When the final storyboard was approved, JEFS STA insured the Illustrations were layered appropriately and transferred accurately so the video animator had all the necessary assets.

The outcome of the final animation is one that takes a potential customer on a journey through a combined workflow that saves precious sample and provides twice as much information for making critical decisions.

To date, the video has over 85,000 views.

To view the video on YouTube, click the link below:

Reproductive Health Preimplantation Testing video

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