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small blue molecules shooting towards two human figures making up the arms of a stylized clock

BioPharma Website Illustrations

Synchronicity Pharma, Inc.


The leadership and scientists at Synchronicity Pharma, Inc. came to JEFS Storytelling Arts because they needed help updating the content on their website to better share the importance of the central clock's role in regulating cancer.

JEFS' scientific background came in handy to provide a series of narrative illustrations and circadian pathway infographics in the company's brand colors.

The website landing image JEFS created intends to help the audience understand immediately that the company uses small molecules to regulate the body's clock. The timeline visual JEFS created with a rhythmic ribbon is meant to connect over time the scientific milestones of Synchronicity Pharma's founders and other contributors that led up to understanding that cancer growth depends the body's central clock. Finally, the concept illustrations of the body and balances JEFS designed on the clock biology pages are intended to help the audience understand the balance of regulating the core clock proteins to effectively minimize or stop cancer growth.

The key challenges for the project were making sure the illustrations were simple enough for a non-scientific audience to understand the company's focus on doing great science to stop cancer.

To see JEFS STA's designs on Synchronicity Pharma's site, click the following link:

Synchronicity Pharma's website link

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