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Stylized scene of a man with dog in living room on a conference call with a woman on screen.

UCaaS Platform Website Illustrations

Netsapiens (Crexendo)


The team at Netsapiens, a Crexendo company, was at the beginning of a website refresh and came to JEF STA with the desire to include illustrated narratives and icons that captured the essence of the solutions they provide service providers in the UCaaS space.

JEF STA spent time researching the communications space, Netsapiens' competitors, and Netsapiens' product offerings to create a portfolio of branded illustrations (hero images, in page graphics, infographics and icons) that visually depicted Netsapiens' solutions for their customers.

The collaborative effort of the project was truly enjoyable. The result of having an informative and educational website contributed to the success of Netsapiens' platform, which now reaches 4 million end-users.

To see JEFS STA's designs on Netsapiens' site, click the following link:

Netsapiens' website link

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