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stylized banded chromosomes in blues and purples

Product guide Illustrations for Reproductive Health

Thermo Fisher Scientific


The Reproductive Health global marketing team were seeking impactful storytelling designs to enhance customer understanding of their reproductive health genetic testing solutions. JEFS STA was brought on for a pivotal product guide project with a clear directive: craft an informative infographic elucidating the incidence of inherited genetic disorders and underscore how their prevalence stokes the demand for research in reproductive genetics.

For this project, JEFS STA conducted a detailed literature review of genetic disorders and chromosomal mapping to find a novel approach to visual representation that seamlessly combined elegance with informativeness.

The result of JEFS STA’s process was a compelling final design: an undulating wave of matched paired chromosomes. These paired chromosomes were stylized to accurately reflect the relative size of their corresponding human chromosomes, all while harmonizing with the brand's distinct color palette to form a visually striking mapping pattern.

The final infographic was both elegant and educational.

If you would like to view the Reproductive Health final product guide, click the link below:

Reproductive Health testing solutions product guide

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