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Red coffee cup handle and coffee beans

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Stone Brewing Coffee/NuZee Coffee


NuZee Coffee expressed a strong interest in bringing in a guest blogger to help with the introduction of their new coffee line, developed in collaboration with Stone Brewing Coffee. JEFS STA enthusiastically accepted the opportunity to contribute.

In response to NuZee's vision for the launch, JEFS STA was eager to collaborate on this exciting project. Recognizing the significance of the partnership between NuZee Coffee and Stone Brewing Coffee, JEFS STA leveraged its expertise to complement and enhance the storytelling surrounding four new coffee lines.

JEFS STA focused not only on promoting the new coffee offerings but also on celebrating the unique fusion of flavors and craftsmanship that defines Stone Brewing’s craft beers. The insightful and engaging blog content aimed to captivate and inform readers about the distinct qualities and story behind craft beverage innovation.

The collaborative effort between NuZee Coffee, Stone Brewing Coffee, and JEFS STA underscored a unified commitment to expanding narratives around exceptional coffee partnerships with a broader audience.

JEFS STA's loved writing these compelling and informative guest blog posts confident the content will amplify the importance of partnership. The end goal was met to captivate audiences and invite them to savor the rich coffee experience offered by NuZee and Stone Brewing Coffee.

In writing the four blog series, JEFS played on the association of being able to enjoy a favorite Stone Brewing beer inspired coffee whenever you want and on using brand colored cups to enhance the correlation. Most of us have a favorite cup that we associate with our favorite beverage. The cool part was layering in Stone Brewing Coffee's gargoyle logo in the coffee steam.

The goal of the blogs was to let people know that now they can enjoy craft brewing in their morning cups.

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