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magnified region of a city map with a colorful voronoi diagram inside

Custom Illustrations for Scientific Case Studies

Akoya Biosciences


The marketing team at Akoya Biosciences were interested in leveraging distinctive yet targeted visuals to showcase scientific case studies on their website's landing page. JEFS STA was presented with the opportunity to research Akoya's spatial biology imaging technologies and create captivating images that would engage and educate scientists visiting Akoya Biosciences' website.

As part of the collaboration, JEFS STA embraced the challenge of understanding the intricacies of Akoya's innovative spatial biology imaging technologies. Through research and creative exploration, JEFS STA conceptualized visually compelling assets that captured the essence of the scientific case studies.

The three click-worthy digital images JEFS STA crafted became initial touchpoints to the depth and breadth of Akoya's spatial biology imaging technologies for any scientists hoping to gain deeper insights and education through Akoya Biosciences' online resources.

This collaborative effort between Akoya Biosciences and JEFS STA is a great example of merging cutting-edge technology with impactful visual storytelling, ultimately enabling scientists to dive further into the transformative world of spatial biology imaging.

To see Akoya Bioscience's site, click the following link:

Akoya Biosciences' website link

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