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Prompting generative AI for STEM

See JEFS example of visualizing mathematical sets using generative AI.

a glass globe with a swirl stylized with mandelbrot and Julia math sets

All graphic designers use artificial intelligence (AI) in one way or another because digital design platforms have AI built in.

The generative AI revolution quandary comes when AI image outputs are used without designation to an image's provenance. If you are using generative AI as a designer or artist, it is important to be transparent about how AI-generated material fits into your process.

I use generative AI in my own work to create concept references or generative collages that I annotate and finish with my own art direction.

The creation in this project is inspired by the Mandelbrot (Benoit Mandelbrot) and Julia (Gaston Maurice Julia) sets:

The Mandelbrot set is derived from a simple iterative equation in complex numbers. When applied visually, it looks like a colorful, never-ending shape that repeats itself when you zoom in (often described as fractals).

The Julia set is somewhat related to the Mandelbrot set as it's a set of complex numbers generated similarly, but with a different complex number kept constant. When applied visually, the Julia set creates complex and often chaotic patterns.

I prompted Midjourney AI to create a series of images stylized with my own work and the Mandelbrot/Julia sets. I layered the selected images in digital collage to show how the equations can create emotional imagery.

Math and art make beautiful companions.

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