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Think you should rely solely on that generative AI model?

Here’s an example of how much one generative AI program has changed in a year.

⏩ If you feel like technology in the last year has been moving faster than a running toddler, you are not alone.

Anyone who uses digital tools to create visuals or write content may be experiencing a daily sense of FOMO when it comes to how generative AI tools will affect their creation process.

One thing I have noticed is that a lot of generative AI programs are versioning so quickly that users have to remain agile to prompt desired outcomes. Don’t get set on one way of prompting.

Since commercially available generative AI models are black box and updated at the discretion of their providers, relying on one software/service as a sole source for your generative outputs could come with risks of features changing for better or worse.

To show you what I mean, I decided to share an experiment I did using Midjourney, a natural language to image model that runs on the Discord platform.

🧪EXPERIMENT: Midjourney V1–V5 As an AI image generator, Midjourney offers a choice of versions and features for its users to select in order to generate all kinds of varied outputs.