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You can’t be replaced

Updated: May 3

Your expression is uniquely your own

I see a lot of articles about artificial intelligence (AI)- generated art positioned to replace the artist. My response is, welcome AI.

I would like to welcome AI to the landscape of human critique and emotion. Join us AI, if you dare, in the landscape of others judging your work and declaring “I can do that.”

AI, can we get inside your process of generative adversarial network? Can we see how you toil at making sense of what matches or does not match the data you are presented?

AI are you really a great artist?

  • The AI response: “Yes, because the humans input this “XYZ” and I produced this “XYZ2” and the human hung me on their wall.”

  • What did you feel AI when you created your work? AI responds: “I just output what you told me.”

  • You didn’t have an emotion when you created, AI? “No, you didn’t input that.”

If you want to create, don’t be afraid of what automation or other humans are creating. Express your art in your voice; it is your own.

Art is an expression of what YOU feel. It is an emotion. You cannot be replaced because your emotions are your own.


Julia Fletcher is founder of JEFS Storytelling Arts, a graphic design studio, where she uses her unique research skills and artistic talents to create custom visual stories that help clients’ increase engagement and promote the education of their audience.

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